Full Conversion and Renovation Project

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2012: Conversion of Mixed Used Building (Portnahaven, Islay)

Glenview House, Portnahaven, Isle of Islay

The property lay at the heart of conservation village of Portnahaven. The building was used as a Bakery, local Shop and as a House over two levels, but was left derelict for over fifteen years – as a result of the neglect, a demolition order was issued by the local authority.

The brief of the project was to renovate the building by utilising the basement as two bedrooms and joining the back wing to the house at the rear of the property which was also owned by the client.

Dormers on the first floor were relocated to be in line with the windows on the ground floor and former entrance door to the shop was changed into a window which was proposed to be the lounge with open fire place.

The property is currently being marketed.